• Team “Jablonsky” Beats Team “Giacchino” 40-32

    Jablonsky & Giacchino Birthdays

    On Friday afternoon, 10 Oct, Dark Horse Fencing Club youth celebrated the birthdays of movie soundtrack composers Steve Jablonsky and Michael Giacchino by forming two teams for a foil team relay scrimmage.  Each team chose the name of one of the composers.

    Team “Jablonsky”: Paul “Brisco” Anderson, captain; Anna “Stryker” Dunn, floater; and Paul “Two-Swords” Turner

    Team “Giacchino”: Nick “Thorn” Dunn, captain; Anna “Stryker” Dunn, floater; and Carter “Panther” Harrison

    1st Bout: “Brisco” versus “Panther”  — Brisco won bout, 3-0, and Team “Jablonsky” took early lead

    2nd Bout: “Stryker” versus “Thorn” — Thorn won bout, 10-1; Team “Giacchino” surged into lead, 10-4

    3rd Bout: “Two-Swords” versus “Stryker” — Two-Swords won bout 11-3; Team “Jablonsky” retook lead, 15-13.

    4th Bout: “Stryker” versus “Panther” — Panther won bout, 7-1; Team “Giacchino” took back lead, 20-16.

    5th Bout: “Brisco” versus “Stryker” — Brisco won bout, 9-2; Team “Jablonsky” back in front, 25-22.

    6th Bout: “Two-Swords” versus “Thorn” — Two-Swords surprised Thorn, 5-4; Team “Jablonsky” built lead, 30-26.

    7th Bout: “Two-Swords” versus “Panther” — Draw, 2-2; however, Team “Jablonsky” retained four-point lead, 32-28

    8th Bout (Final): Battle Between Captains — Brisco outscored Thorn, 8-4, sealed Team “Jablonsky” victory.  Happy Birthday Steve Jablonsky!  Congratulations Team “Jablonsky”!

    Next foil scrimmage, Halloween Teams Foil Scrimmage, October, 31, 2014 from 1-3:30pm.


  • “Storm’n” Sweeps Angels Scrimmage — Wins Epee, too

    Sam “Storm’n” Morgan proved his athleticism and tri-weapon fencing prowess by completely sweeping all three events (sabre, 29 Sep; foil, 2 Oct; and epee, 9 Oct) in the Triumphant Angels Fencing Scrimmage 2014.  On Thursday, 9 Oct, Dark Horse Fencing Club held the last of the scrimmage’s events — epee.  Sam, a southpaw, was the #2 seed going into the championship match, versus right-hand coach and #1 seed Bruce “Batman” Callander.   Sam surprised Bruce by early building a 1-5 lead before Bruce closed the gap somewhat, 5-8, by the end of the first of three, three-minute periods, including a lightning strike to Sam’s forward foot for a point.   In the second period, Bruce mounted two determined assaults to tip momentum in his favor; however, despite another strike to Sam’s front foot for a point,  Sam repulsed each assault retaining a one point lead each time, 9-10 and then 12-13.  Finally, deep in the second period, Storm’n finished off the Batman, 12-15.

    Sam Wins Epee Trophy, too

  • Triumphant Angels Foil Fencing Scrimmage 2014

    On the Memorial Day of The Holy Guardian Angels, October 2, 2014, Dark Horse Fencing Club, held its annual foil scrimmage to honor our Guardian Angels.

    In the first match of the direct elimination, semifinal round of the Cadet age group event, Sam “Storm’n” Morgan, 2nd seed, defeated Nick “Thorn” Dunn, 3rd seed, 10-4.

    In the second match of the direct elimination, semifinal round of the Cadet age group event, Paul “Brisco” Anderson, 1st seed, defeated 4th seed, Carter “Panther” Harrison, 10-7, to advance to the final match against “Storm’n”.

    In that match, “Storm’n” narrowly defeated “Brisco”, 8-4, for victory.

    Earlier in the Youth 12 age group event, 1st seed, “Panther” defeated leftie, 2nd seed, Anna “Stryker” Dunn in the final match by the score, 10-8.

    Congratulations “Storm’n” and “Panther” our 2014 Triumphant Angels champions!


    Foil Class Picture

    Sam Awarded Triumphant Angels Foil Trophy Brisco Awarded The Wharton Foil

    Thorn Awarded Bronze Carter awarded Ascending Angel

    Anna Awarded CD

  • “Storm’n” Morgan Wins St. Michael the Archangel Trophy at the Archangel’s Sabre Scrimmage

    Sam “Storm’n” Morgan, Dark Horse Fencing Club’s only left-handed sabre fencer, was awarded the champions’ trophy, St. Michael the Archangel, Monday evening, 29 September 2014.  Iain “Cutter” Woodaman won the second place prize, a silver sabre blade.  Third place honors, a bronze medal, was bestowed upon Fred “Joker” Woodaman.

    St Michael Sabre Scrimmage Fencers, 29 Sep 14              Storm'n Receives Champions Trophy


    Cutter receives Sabre Blade                                Joker Receives Bronze Medal

  • Dark Horse Youth Wins Silver Medal in Y-14 Boys Foil Fencing Event at the RYC in Richmond, VA

    Dark Horse Fencing Club’s Paul “Brisco” Anderson won the silver medal in the Youth-14 foil fencing event for boys who are 14-years old and younger at the Fall Regional Youth Circuit (RYC) in Virginia (Region 6) Tournament, a US Fencing Association sanctioned major youth fencing tournament, hosted by the Richmond Fencing Club located in Richmond, VA on Saturday, September 27, 2014.

    Conner “Conan” McKevitt, also competed for Dark Horse in the Y-14 boys foil event, along with 12 other athletic and determined boys from fencing clubs across Virginia, North Carolina, and Maryland. The final results for all the competitors will be posted on AskFred.net, at the conclusion of Sunday’s events.

    Brisco’s first four of six bouts in the preliminary pool round for seeding to the direct elimination (DE) round were victories: 5-0, 5-3, 4-1, and 5-1. All four victories were against right-handed fencers. His last two bouts were against left-handed fencers, including the only rated fencer (D-rating) among all the competitors, Paul DiVenti, Homewood Fencing Club. He lost those two by the score of 2-3, and 2-5 (Paul DiVenti). Brisco’s results, including an impressive +10 indicator earned him #6 seed and the opportunity to defend his position against the 11th seed, Ben Baxter, Richmond Fencing Club, in the Table of 16 round.  Brisco defeated the right-handed, Ben, 15-5.

    “Conan”, seeded 14th, fenced his first DE match against Henry Ballentine, Homewood Fencing Club, seeded #3. He lost his match 15-8.

    Brisco’s second DE match was against Henry Ballentine, the #3 seed, another right-handed fencer. He easily defeated him 15-9, in just 2 minutes, 11 seconds, in the first period.

    Brisco’s semifinal match was against the #2 seed, Mark Viti, with Out-of-Nowhere Fencing Club, Winchester, VA.  Mark too is a right-handed fencer, who previously defeated one of the three lefties in the tournament, Nathan Hayes (#7 seed), with Salle Green, Glen Allen, VA.  Brisco defeated Mark by the score: 15-12.

    The final match was with the #1 seed, the D-rated fencer from Homewood Fencing Club, leftie Paul DiVenti. Both Pauls exhibited beautiful form and agility, but the leftie had tremendous reach with his lunges, and quick Hi-Lo, Lo-Hi attacks that were just too quick. The leftie triumphed by the score: 15-4.

    Congratulations Silver medalist, Paul “Brisco” Anderson.

  • 1st Season of Music Foil and Epee Scrimmage, 19 Sep 14

    Happy Birthday Hans Zimmer and John Powell
    Season of Music
    First Foil and Epee Scrimmage 2014-2015 Season

    At the heart of fencing is music (timing, tempo, rhythm), physics (acceleration, inertia, mass, velocity, time, friction, pressure), math (distance, height, length, width, angles), and temperament (patience, relax, tension, concentration). On 19 September 2014, boys and girls who fence foil and epee at Dark Horse Fencing Club came together for the first in a series of scrimmages, which we’re dedicating to a “Season of Music”. Dark Horse Fencing Club will dedicate four scrimmages during the 2014-2015 fencing season to a Season of Music in which we honor great American movie music soundtrack composers. Music of these master composers inspire an array of quick, rapid, tempo-changing footwork, ideal for training today’s fencing champions. In recognition of their birthday in September, Friday’s scrimmage was in honor of Hans Zimmer and John Powell.

    At the conclusion of the preliminary seeding round of the combined Youth and Cadet foil event, lefty Sam ““Storm’n”” Morgan earned the #1 seed with three victories (+7 indicator); Nick “Thorn” Dunn earned the #2 seed with three victories (0 indicator); Paul ““Brisco”” Anderson, #3 seed, two victories (+3 indicator); Carter “Panther” Harrison, 4th seed, two victories (0 indicator), and lefty Anna “Stryker” Dunn, 5th seed.

    In the direct elimination quarterfinal round, “Storm’n”, Thorn and “Brisco” received byes, hence Stryker and Panther dueled. Panther leapt out to a 5-0 lead before Stryker struck Panther for a point. At the end of the first of three two-minute periods, with the objective to reach 10 points first, the score was Panther 8, Stryker 1. The quick-tempo action of first period play changed to a slow-pace rhythm during the second period. Stryker slowed the tempo down and her tempo-change surprised and frustrated “Panther’s” desire to maintain the initiative. The second period was mostly Stryker’s. She succeeded in closing the gap somewhat by the end of period. With the score 9-4 in Panther’s favor, entering the final two-minute period, Stryker realized she lacked the time to repeat her second period success unless she increased the tempo gradually to find the sweet spot in her efforts, but still below the threshold that would enable “Panther” to score the final match point. It was not to be though. With increased tempo she launched a quick attack, which “Panther” succeeded in parrying and riposting for the 10th point and match win. With victory, “Panther” rested, rehydrated and prepared for his semifinal match with the other lefty, “Storm’n”.

    The first semifinal match, however, was fought between Thorn (2nd seed), and “Brisco” (3rd seed). In their preliminary bout, Thorn narrowly prevailed, 5-4. “Brisco” though was not rattled. He carefully composed a new strategy, which proved highly effective in the 1st period. At the end of the 1st period, the score was ““Brisco”” 6, “Thorn” 1. As had happened in the previous match, “Thorn” chose a different strategy to slowdown the tempo, which served well his second intention efforts. By the end of the second period, “Thorn” closed the gap somewhat but not enough, ““Brisco”” 9, “Thorn” 5. “Déjà vu, all over again”, the third period was reminiscent of the previous match, as “Brisco” quickly scored the final point to win in the match, in an upset, 10-5.

    In the other semifinal match, Panther was drenched by “Storm’n”, as he was caught in a flash flood of hits — eight straight points – before scoring two in a row. In less than one period, “Storm’n” added “Panther” as a trophy, 10-3.

    Fast as the previous match was, the final match between “Storm’n” and “Brisco” was antithesis. Both fencers chose slow tempo and rhythm, feeling each other out with feints and invitations. Neither fencer wanted to make the first mistake by attacking. “Storm’n” highly respected “Brisco”’s ability to fight second intention, while “Brisco”, in turn, highly respected “Storm’n”’s quicker speed, greater reach and strength, and unmatchable left-handed skill. If the much shorter in stature “Brisco” had a chance, it was in slowing the game down, controlling a slow tempo and correct distance, while patiently waiting out “Storm’n” to make the first and hopefully last fatal mistake by attacking an irresistible but yet defendable target.

    When the first two-minute period ended, “Storm’n” had scored one and the only point of the match so far. “Brisco” was still in the game though. The second period was “Brisco”’s turn. Again his strategy was clearly evident and successful. The only point scored was “Brisco”’s. With the score only 1-1, the “David versus Goliath” match entered what we all expected to be a decisive period. Surprisingly, “Storm’n” continued to play a cautious game instead of using the last two minutes to try a couple of blistering fast attacks. Even so, it didn’t hurt either fencer, though “Brisco” scored the next point, but “Storm’n” shot back with one, also. As regulation time expired, the two were tied at two-a-piece – “inconceivable”. The timekeeper now flipped a coin. “Brisco” won the coin flip and gained an advantage. The fencers entered one-minute, sudden death overtime knowing that if either “Brisco” held off “Storm’n” from scoring one point or if “Brisco” scored one point, “Brisco” would be victorious.

    “Storm’n” put pressure upon “Brisco” with excellent time management, by investing practically the entire one minute overtime period posturing, inviting, deceiving, and reconnoitering for a weakness until at the very last second he saw an exposed weakness and hastily prepared, a direct fleche attack. He was just one step too far away though, as he launched the last attack. Just the extra step – distance — “Brisco” needed to detect, characterize, parry and riposte for a superfluous score. With a lot of “how-to-beat-a-lefty” training over the past several months, “Brisco” finally mastered the most difficult Cadet lefty opponent he’s ever fenced. Final score, 3-2, “Brisco” was awarded first prize, the last but most special of Coach-Emeritus Franklin’s electric foils, with the coach’s name engraved inside the bell guard. Second place prize, Hans Zimmer’s composed soundtrack to the movie “Rush”, went to “Storm’n”.

    The epee event’s matches were “fast and furious” compared with the slow-paced foil event’s final match. After the preliminary round for seeding, Blake “Blade” Traylor was 1st seed; Sam “Storm’n” Morgan, 2nd seed; and Cory “Billy” Mitchell, 3rd seed. “Storm’n” and “Billy” dueled in the only semi-final match, as “Blake” advanced directly to the finals by nature of his outstanding preliminary round fencing.
    The semi-final match went the full distance — three, three-minute periods, 15-point match. At the conclusion of the first period, “Storm’n” built a commanding, 8-3 lead. During the second period, “Billy” almost turned the tide, outscoring his opponent, 5-4, with the result Storm’n’s lead was cut, 12-8. The final period was exciting as both fencers scored well, but “Billy” could not hold back the storm. “Storm’n’ prevailed, 15-10.

    The final match started calmly enough as “Blade” built a 5-1 lead by the end of the 1st period. During the one minute break gray clouds gathered and the wind seemed to whip up as “Storm’n scored the first three points of the 2nd period, making the score 5-4. “Blade” didn’t see a threat in the gathering storm as he quickly retaliated with three points of his own. By the end of the second period, with gale storm warnings posted, the score was 8-5 in “Blade’s” favor. The final period saw “Storm’n” wreak havoc as he outscored “Blade” to tie the match by the conclusion of regulation time. With the score tied 10 all, the scorekeeper flipped another coin. “Blade” won the coin flip for the advantage. Once again, “Storm’n” resorted to excellent time management, putting pressure upon “Blade” until the last two seconds. Launching a fleche attack, as he did in the final match of the foil event, “Storm’n” landed the decisive tie-breaking point this time, without incurring a double touch. Victory – Sam “Storm’n” Morgan, 11-10, and with victory he received the last of Coach-Emeritus Franklin’s replacement electric epee blades as 1st prize. As runner-up, “Blade” received a copy of John Powell’s movie soundtrack “Green Zone”.

    Our second of four Season of Music foil and epee scrimmage is scheduled for Friday, October 10, 2014. We will honor the birthday of movie music soundtrack composers Steve Jablonsky and Michael Giacchino (Star Trek into Darkness). Join us. The foil event is scheduled from 1300-1500 (1-3pm); and the epee event follows at 1500.

  • Catch Horse Fever This Season!

    Dark Horse fencers now have an opportunity of winning world class fencing blades this season when they win USA Fencing tournament events, and by earning a new rating.  Win a long-lasting, maraging steel replacement blade, approved for international competitions (FIE stamped Foil, Epee and sabRe ["FIEFER" pronounced "fever]).  For example, a foil fencer who earns their E-rating, wins an Absolute Ultra FIE blade.  An epee fencer may win a “SR-71 Blackbird” FIE epee blade.  A sabreur may win a “Z-Pro” maraging sabre blade.  Train Hard-Compete-Persevere.  Catch a “FIEFER” this season only at Dark Horse. 

  • Fencing Friday Afternoons in August

    Those “horse days of summer” Fridays can now be spent in our nice air conditioned fencing club.  Dark Horse fencing club will now be open on the following Friday afternoons in August:  1, 8 and 15 August.   Foil fencers are welcome between 1:00-3:00pm; epee fencers between 3:00-5:00pm; and sabre fencers between 3:00-5:00pm.  A structured lesson and pool or team bouts are planned.  The Friday program is for fencers 9 yrs old and older (veteran age, too), who have completed a beginners class and intend to fence competitively this new season of fencing, which begins, 1 Aug.

    If you are interested in coming, email Coach George: sabrist@earthlink.net

    All fencers should go to the USA Fencing website to renew their annual USA Fencing membership before the first class.  Print and bring a copy of your membership renewal receipt to class.

    All fencers must wear clean and appropriate fencing attire to class.  No short pants.

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  • “Wolverine” makes “First Team” USA Fencing All-Academic Team

    USA Fencing and Absolute Fencing Gear partnered for the fourth straight year to recognize young fencers who have excelled in high school with All-Academic Team honors.

    All-Academic Team members were honored during a ceremony in Columbus, Ohio on June 30, 2014.

    Athletes with a GPA of at least 3.85 were named to the First All-Academic Team (FT). Dark Horse Fencing Club junior epeeist, Logan “Wolverine” Everts was selected for this honor.

    Second Team (ST) athletes included those whose GPAs were 3.7 – 3.84.

    Athletes with 3.5 – 3.69 GPAs were recognized on the Honorable Mention Team.

    The All-Academic Team members represent 36 states and 143 fencing clubs from across the United States.


    All Dark Horse Fencing Club high school age fencers should consider competing for this honor next winter, as soon as it is announced. As you will see when you read the full length story at the web-link above, the top four fencers chosen from all those who across the country are honored (263 honored) receive a scholarship, too. This year two received $4000 scholarships and two received $1000 scholarships.