• “Brisco” Ties for Third Place in Y-14 Foil Fencing Event

    Paul “Brisco” Anderson tied for third place in the boys Y-14 foil fencing event at the Winter Regional Youth Circuit fencing tournament hosted by the Richmond Fencing Club in Richmond, VA, on Saturday, 17 January.  The Winter RYC was sanctioned by the United States Fencing Association and sponsored by the Virginia Division of the USFA.

    At the conclusion of the preliminary round, Brisco was seeded #6, while his fencing club mate, Conner “Stryker” McKevitt was seeded #5.  Subsequently, Brisco won his first two direct elimination round matches, including a spectacular come from behind victory over the #3 seed, Henry Ballentine by the score of 15-14, before losing his semi-final match versus #2 seed, Lawrence Crandon, 15-10.  Stryker lost his first direct elimination match versus the #4 seed, Quentin Smith; however, he succeeded in winning the 6th place medal.

    In the boys Y-12 foil fencing event, Carter “Panther” Harrison finished about 13th out of 16.

    In the mixed boys and girls Y-10 foil fencing event, Anna “Thornblade” Dunn won the 5th place  medal.

    Next tournament for many of our youth is the Capitol Clash Youth and Cadet tournament at the Gaylord Resort and Convention Center, National Harbor, MD, 7-8 February.

  • Winter Regional Youth Circuit Fencing Tournament , Saturday, 17 January 2015


    Attached PowerPoint slide announces Dark Horse Fencing Club has three youth so far preregistered for foil fencing events on Saturday, 17 Jan 15, at the Richmond Fencing Club, for the spectacular annual Winter Regional Youth Circuit fencing tournament.  To preregister for an event visit:


  • “War of the Buttons” Foil Team Relay Match, 11 December 2014

    In honor of renown English composer, Rachel Portman, best known for scoring films, such as “War of the Buttons”, who celebrated her 54 birthday on 11 Dec, Dark Horse fencers reenacted the War of the Buttons with considerable fencing license.  Left-handed fencers, captained by Sam “Storm’n” Morgan, chose to name their fine team, “Dominating Unicorns”, while the right-handed fencers, captained by Emma “Doc” Bone, chose again the glorious name, “District 13″.

    First bout pitted the two captains and they fought well to a 2-2 tie.  Second bout paired two equally matched opponents, “Eragon” Turner for the Unicorns versus “Thornblade” Dunn for team D13.  Thornblade eked out victory by outscoring Eragon, 4-3.  With the overall score 6-5 in favor of team D13, “Blazer” Ramos came to the strip for the Unicorns to cross foils with “Miles” Dunn for team D13.  Once again the fencers showed they were learning their lessons well, as they fought to 4-4 tie.  At the conclusion now of Round One, D13 held a one point lead, 10-9.

    Round Two, 4th bout: Eragon came up short versus Doc, 4-6.  Team D13’s lead increased to 16-13.

    Fifth bout: Storm’n now warmed up dealt Miles a crushing defeat, 8-3, and for the first time in the match, team Dominating Unicorns had the lead: 21-19.

    Sixth bout:  Doc made an operational substitution in hopes of recovering the lead.  “Brisco” Anderson substituted for Thornblade in order to bout Blazer.  Her substitution decision was correct.  Brisco was victorious and scored enough points to tie the match at 23-23.   That was the score at the end of Round Two.  One round to go

    Round Three, 7th bout:  Storm’n went to his strong bench to bring in “Panther” Harrison, a right-hander, to substitute for “Eragon” to fence “Miles”; however, Doc countered his move by benching Miles and returning “Thornblade” to duel Panther, calculating that Thornblade and Panther were evenly matched.  Oh it was not to be.  Panther showed remarkable resilience and timing as he outscored Thornblade by an amazing 11-3.  With the score, Unicorns 34 – D13 26, a shaken Doc went on to fence Blazer in the 8th bout.  Blazer padded team Unicorns lead with a 5-4 victory over Doc.

    Down to the last bout now, with the score Dominating Unicorns 39 – District 13 30, the Unicorns captain came to the strip to hold off D13’s last hope, “Brisco” Anderson.  The bout evinced outstanding fencing as Brisco threw combinations of feints to draw out mistakes by Storm’n.  However, at the end of regulation time the Two Titans of the Tournament fought to a 3-3 tie.  Team Dominating Unicorns truly dominated the third round of match play as they galloped past team District 13, by the score 39-30.


    Dominating Unicorns                                                  District 13

    Sam “Storm’n” Morgan, team captain                         Emma “Doc” Bone, team captain

    Paul “Eragon” Turner                                                 Nick “Miles” Dunn

    Cole “Blazer” Ramos                                                  Anna “Thornblade” Dunn

    Carter “Panther” Harrison, substitute                         Paul “Brisco” Anderson, substitute

  • UMWFC Eagles Encircle DHFC Mustangs at The Battle of Fredericksburg Foil Fencing Tournament

    University of Mary Washington Fencing Club cruised to first and second place foil fencing event victories over the Dark Horse Fencing Club, 4 December 2014.  The foil fencing event, entitled 2014 Battle of Fredericksburg, VA, commemorates the American Civil War battle fought here, and is the first of three inter-club fencing tournaments fought each academic year.  The sabre fencing event, entitled St Valentine Sabre Massacre, is scheduled for 19 February 2015.  The epee fencing event, entitled St George the Dragonslayer Epee Tournament, is TBD.

    At the end of the preliminary round of foil bouts, UMWFC right-handed foil fencers, Breck O’Donnell and Gabe Cowan, held the 1st and 2nd seed, respectively, for the direct elimination round of combat matches.

    Lefties, Cole “Blazer” Ramos and Sam “Storm’n” Morgan, held the 3rd and 4th seed, respectively, for Dark Horse Fencing Club.

    In the wild card match, #8 seed Nick “Miles” Dunn (DHFC) struggled to overcome surging #9 Paul “Eragon-Two-Swords” Turner (DHFC), 10-6.

    In the quarterfinal round, Breck defeated “Miles”, by the score of 10-2.

    Gabe also defeated his opponent, #7 seed Connor “Stryker” McKevitt (DHFC), by the score of 10-2.

    “Storm’n” defeated #5 seed Paul “Brisco” Anderson, by the score of 9-2.

    Surviving a last second scare, “Blazer” narrowly defeated #6 Bryan “Race” Dunn, 6-5.  On the last play of the match, “Race” attacked but his touch fell flat against Blazer’s metallic jacket.

    In the semi-final round, Breck quelled “Storm’n”, 10-7; and, Gabe quenched “Blazer”, 10-6.

    In the fence-off for 3rd place, “Storm’n” edged “Blazer”, 10-7; while, in the final match, Breck mastered his clubmate, 10-7.

    Final standings:

    1. Breck O’Donnell, UMWFC
    2. Gabe Cowan, UMWFC
    3. Sam Morgan, DHFC
    4. Cole Ramos, DHFC
    5. Paul Anderson, DHFC
    6. Bryan Dunn, DHFC
    7. Connor McKevitt, DHFC
    8. Nick Dunn, DHFC
    9. Paul Turner, DHFC

    Class Picture

    Three Rearing Stallions awarded

    Breck and Gabe

    Sam Awarded 3rd Place

    Blazer awarded 4th place

  • Coach George’s Foil and Epee Class, Monday, 24 November

    Because of the short week with everyone having holiday travel plans for Thanksgiving, Coach George will hold a foil class from 6-8pm, and an epee class from 8-9pm, Monday, 24 November.  Furthermore, Coach George will hold a foil class, 6-7:30pm, Tuesday, for fencers preparing to compete in the January Regional Youth Circuit; the Capital Clash, in February; and the Junior Olympics.


  • Paul Anderson wins St Martin of Tours Fast and Furious Foil Scrimmage

    Following the preliminary round of the Fast and Furious Foil Scrimmage, the top five fencers to advance to the direct elimination round were Paul “Brisco” Anderson seeded #1; Nick “Miles” Dunn, #2; Paul “Eragon-Two-Swords” Turner, #3; Carter “Panther” Harrison, #4; and Anna “Thorn-blade” Dunn, #5.

    In the quarter final round, “Panther” shutout “Thorn-blade”, 8-0, to advance to the semi-final round match with “Brisco”; however, before their match “Eragon” and “Miles” dueled.  Eragon triumphed 8-6 to advance to the final match.

    In the semi-final match between Brisco and Panther, Panther made a late surge but fell short by a point as time expired losing the match to Brisco, 7-6.

    Before the final match, “Panther” and “Miles” fenced off for 3rd place.  Panther scored the first two points, but Miles rebounded with five fast furious points.  Panther redoubled with two more points, but after that the fighters exchanged hits until time expired.  Miles narrowly prevailed 7-5 to clinch the bronze medal.

    Despite an advantage being left-handed, Eragon-Two-Swords was no match for Brisco who has been diligently practicing for months the skills to beat lefties.  Brisco seared Eragon 7-1, as time expired.

    Class Picture          St Martin of Tours

  • St Martin of Tours Fast Foil Scrimmage

    Dark Horse Fencing Club will host a fast foil scrimmage Wednesday evening, November 12, 2014, from 6-7pm.  Each preliminary round robin bout will be no longer than 1 minute up to 5 touches.  Each direct elimination round match will be no longer than 3 minutes or 8 touches.

    St Martin of Tours Fast Foil Scrimmage


  • Seal Team 6 Foil Team Edges Delta Force Foil Team, 33-32, in Overtime!

    The southpaws of Dark Horse Fencing Club’s foil team, Seal Team 6, won a rematch today against DHFC’s right-handed fencers of foil team Delta Force.

    Team captain of ST6, Sam “Storm’n” Morgan, adopted a strategy whereby he fenced the final, and as it turned out, decisive bout of the match.  The strategy ensured he fenced last week’s hero of foil team Delta Force, Paul “Brisco” Anderson, as this week’s team captain of Delta Force, Nick “Miles” Dunn, chose Brisco to fence the final bout.

    Going into the final two-minute bout, team Delta Force held a one point lead, 32-31. The final bout was a furious defensive combat as neither fencer could land a flurry of points.  Nonetheless, “Storm’n” succeeded to score one point to tie the match, 32-32.  Regulation time expired as the teams remained tied.

    The referee then flipped a coin to decide which fencer would receive priority during a one-minute, sudden death, overtime period.  “Storm’n” won the coin toss.  It compelled Brisco to go on the attack or else ST6 would win the match by the score of 32-32 if neither fencer scored another point before overtime expired.   About 30 seconds into overtime, Brisco fought Storm’n back toward ST6’s end zone, and tried feint disengages but couldn’t quite reach Storm’n’s target.  On Brisco’s last feint disengage attempt, Storm’n found his blade with a parry-riposte that blistered Brisco’s target area for the final point and victory — Seal Team 6!

    Seal Team 6: Sam “Storm’n” Morgan, team captain; Paul “Two-Swords” Turner; Anna “Thorn-blade” Dunn (recuperating from sickness); and Carter “Panther” Harrison, floater (substituted for “Thorn-blade”).

    Team Delta Force: Nick “Miles” Dunn, team captain; Paul “Brisco” Anderson; and Carter “Panther” Harrison, floater.

    With the series tied 1-1, the third and final match of November between these two teams will be Friday, 21 November at 1:00pm.

    Carter “Panther” Harrison was recognized Thursday evening for answering correctly the trivia question of the week: What is rule #1 of fencing?  Answer: “The one who controls distance always wins”.  CONGRATULATIONS “PANTHER”!


  • “Storm’n” howls through Halloween Open Foil Scrimmage

    Dark Horse Fencing Club celebrated Halloween with an open foil scrimmage.  In the first semi-final match of direct elimination play, #1 seed Sam “Storm’n” Morgan tangled with #4 seed, Carter “Panther” Harrison.  “Panther” fought very well and kept the match within reach until late in the final period; however, “Storm’n” emerged victorious, 8-3.

    In the other semi-final match, #2 seed Paul “Brisco” Anderson dueled #3 seed Nick “Miles” Dunn.  Miles kept it close until the score was 7-8 in Brisco’s favor.   In the third and final period, Brisco surged to victory, 15-9.

    Panther and Miles then fenced-off for third place.  Instead of to 15 points, the fence-off was set for 5 points.  Panther’s steady hand proved the decisive factor as he out-scored Miles, 4-2 for the victory in two minutes.

    The championship match was surprisingly lop-sided.  Though Brisco had a spectacular finale as the hero in yesterday’s foil team relay match, he seemed spent by today’s championship match.  Storm’n practically out-scored Brisco, 3-1, en route to an easy 15-6 victory.

    JO qualified foil fencers and their training partner will practice next Monday, 3 Nov, at 6:30PM.

  • Delta Force Shocks Seal Team Six, 45-44, in Foil Team Scrimmage

    On Thursday evening, 30 October, Dark Horse Fencing Club foilists formed two teams, all the right-handed fencers formed Delta Force, and all the southpaws formed Seal Team Six.  Seal Team Six was heavily favored to route Delta Force in the foil team relay to 45 points; however, through the first three bouts both teams fought to only a 12-12 tie.  In the fourth bout though the strength of Seal Team Six surged, 20-16; fifth bout, 24-19; and the sixth bout, 29-26.

    With two of three rounds completed, Seal Team Six unleashed its big guns.  The lefties’ strategy now was to use their best fencers for the seventh and eighth bouts to run up the score so that their last fighter had an insurmountable lead and no pressure for the final two minute bout.  Interesting strategy, especially given the time constraint of two-minute bouts.

    Sam “Storm’n” Morgan, Seal Team Six captain, fenced the seventh bout, but Carter “Panther” Harrison was able to limit “Storm’n” damage to six points, 35-27.  Paul “Two-Swords” Turner, Seal Team Six’s most experienced southpaw, battered down aggressive attacks of Nick “Miles” Dunn, as Miles vainly tried to tie the score.  Instead, “Two-Swords'”spot-on ripostes further ran up the score, 40-28.

    Beholding victory, Seal Team Six fans in the venue hurled teases at team Delta Force — “You’re an embarrassment to the real Delta Force”; “the real Delta Force knows where you live”;  you better watch out Halloween, the real Delta Force will come trick-or-treat at your house”.

    Maybe the teasing went a wee bit too far, for up came Paul “Brisco” Anderson, team Delta Force captain to fence the final bout.  He felt a heavy responsibility to vindicate the greatness of Delta Force.  But could he do it?  Two minutes to erase a 12 point deficit and hold Seal Team Six — “Inconceivable”?

    The seemingly impossible is sometimes possible.  With faith, determination, skill and three keys to fencing success (speed, closeness, blade control) Brisco mounted an amazing right-hand comeback in just 1 minute, 41 seconds.  He struck 17 points versus his opponent’s four and silenced the fans of Seal Team Six.  Final score, Delta Force 45, Seal Team Six 44.

    Delta Force: Paul “Brisco” Anderson, captain; Nick “Miles” Dunn; and, Carter “Panther” Harrison

    Seal Team Six: Sam “Storm’n” Morgan, captain; Paul “Two-Swords” Turner; and, Anna “Thorn-Blade” Dunn.

    Rematch scheduled for Thursday, 7 Nov, 6PM.