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    Attention fencers:  DHFC will be closed April 16th and 17th for Easter.

  • Upcoming Scrimmages

    Club members,

    Under the section, “Club Info,” you’ll note a link to Scrimmages.  We’ve updated this page with descriptions and dates of some of the upcoming scrimmages.

  • Results: 2014 VA Division Qualifier

    Submitted by: Coach George

    March 29, 2014, 2014 VA Division Qualifier

    March 29, 2014, 2014 VA Division Qualifier

    March 29, 2014, 2014 VA Division Qualifier

    March 29, 2014, 2014 VA Division Qualifier

    March 29, 2014, 2014 VA Division Qualifier

    March 29, 2014, 2014 VA Division Qualifier







    I am very pleased to announce some of Saturday’s exciting results of the 2014 VA Division Qualifier to the United States National Fencing Championship, which will be held from 22 June – 3 July in Columbus, OH.

    In the women’s Y-14 sabre event, Emma “Doc” Bone won the gold medal by coming in 1st Place. She qualifies to represent the Virginia Division in the Y-14 Women’s Sabre event.

    In the men’s Y-14 foil event, Ian “Zur” Ward won the gold medal by defeating former Dark Horse sensational foilist, Ned “Sting” Mauer, who now fences for the Richmond Fencing Club, by the score of 15-14. Both fencers qualify to represent the Virginia Division in the Y-14 Men’s Foil event.

    Also, Paul “Brisco” Anderson qualifies to represent the Virginia Division in the Y-14 Men’s Foil event, as a result of his victory in the fence off for third place, between him and lefty, Cedric Montrose, who fences for Old Town Fencing Club. Brisco won 15-7 to win the bronze medal.

  • Results: March 23 Veterans’ Tournament

    Submitted by: Coach George

    Bryan “Race” Dunn won the silver medal at the Veterans’ Tournament in Columbia, MD today. He defeated a “C” rated fencer, twice. Congratulations Bryan!

  • March 25 — Club closed

    This snowfall is sufficient to close our doors again tonight (Tuesday, March 25). Stay home. Stay warm. Stay safe!

  • Scrimmage Results: March 20, 2014

    Submitted by: Coach George

    Dark Horse and University of Mary Washington Split Events

    On Thursday, March 20, 2014, Dark Horse Fencing Club hosted the annual spring mixed epee fencing scrimmage with the Eagles’ fencing club.  This year the scrimmage added a foil event just for women.

    In the women’s foil event, the final match came down between Dark Horse foilists Ms. Emma “Doc” Bone and Ms. Rachel “Ladyhawk” Vivian.   Fencing to 15 points, Ms. Bone triumphed by the score, 15-12, I believe, to win the St. Joan of Arc trophy.  Master Paul “Brisco” Anderson refereed the match.

    In the epee event, four Dark Horse epeeists competed against four Eagles.  The final match came down to the #1 seed, Mr. Charles “Duc de” Charest, UMWFC, and the #2 seed Mr. Sam “Storm’in Morgan, DHFC.  Midway through their match to 10-points, Mr. Morgan held a 7-4 lead; however, the Duc would not die before his very eyes.  With an irresistible surge, the Duc scored six unanswered points to win The Three Musketeers trophy, 10-7.  Mr. Joe “Cool” Anderson refereed the match.

    2014 Spring Epee Scrimmage Final Standings 

    1. Charles “Duc de” Charest, UMWFC
    2. Sam “Storm’in” Morgan, DHFC
    3. Ian Nace, UMWFC
    4. Mark Bergstrom, UMWFC
    5. Logan “Wolverine” Everts, DHFC
    6. “Big” Ben, UMWFC
    7. Emma “Doc” Bone, DHFC
    8. Paul “Two-Swords” Turner

    Special thanks to the bout committee and official score keeper, Coach Bruce Callander; referees Joe and Paul Anderson; the set-up and take-down committee, John and Lucy Bone; to our prize sponsor, Anonymous;  and to all the boys and girls who served behind the scenes as timekeepers, match scorekeepers, and for resetting the Leon Paul score box.

    The next major scrimmage with UMWFC is the Fall Foil classic, The Battle of Fredericksburg Foil Scrimmage, Thursday, December 4, 2014. 

    The following is the new schedule of DHFC in-house scrimmages: 1) The Hobbit is rescheduled for December 11, 2014; 2) St. George the Dragonslayer epee and foil scrimmage, Wednesday, April 23; Battle of The Wilderness sabre scrimmage, May 7.

  • Club Closed – Tuesday, March 4

    In line with our inclement weather policy, the club will be closed this evening, Tuesday, March 4.

  • Dark Horse Fencers Compete in Charlottesville, VA

    Spring Regional Youth Circuit at Charlottesville Fencing Alliance
    March 1, 2014

    Congratulations to our Dark Horse medalists!

    "Brisco" (red jacket) places 2nd in the Y12 Men's foil.

    “Brisco” (red jacket) places 2nd in the Y12 Men’s foil.

    Dark Horse members medal in Y14 foil events.

    Dark Horse members medal in Y14 foil events.

  • FL-S article: Local teens not foiled on way to honors

    The Free-Lance Star has published an article about Sam Morgan, Nicholas Dunn and Joseph Boudreau qualifying for the Junior Olympics Championship in Portland in Feb.

    The article and pictures can be found on-line on page 21 (print page C7) of January 19, 2014′s e-edition.

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